Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dear Friends,Following is just one of 200+ letters that I wrote to 7500 employees of Larsen & Turbo Ltd’s, Mumbai factory, when I was General Manager (1979 - 1987). This open honest communication led to a remarkable improvement in industrial relations.If you wish to download the entire set, just click hereRegards,Hemen Parekh
To:Dear Friends
The first salvo has been fired :
This list is not the "end" - the battle has only begun !In the meantime I welcome suggestions from employees on- Cost-reduction (without sacrificing desired quality ! - very important)- Productivity improvement.And I request Supervisors and Managers to encourage employees to come up to them and share their suggestions - so that the same are implemented even before they reach me '.And I request managers to tell me what they have implemented successfully in their areas - so that I can give these wide publicity through my letters. May be others can do likewise."Therefore, with determination, get up and fight - 0 Arjun" (Gita).H.C. PAREKHP:S: In view of the Economy Drive, I am not sending individual copies. If you chance to read this on the Notice-Board, please tell others.
July 21, 1986

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Resume Rater software reads/rates/ranks (Excellent/Good/Average/Poor) resumes and presents them in the descending order of score assigned to them by t

Resume Rater will help you rate resumes by sorting them into categories.
Resume Rater literally mimics human brain, as it "Reads" each resume, spots the presence ( or absence ) of the selected function / skill related keywords ( and their context ), and assigns predetermined "Weightages" (in human brain's parlance - the "importance") to each keyword to compute an overall SCORE for each resume.
Here are some key features of "Resume Rater":
· Resume Rater "rates" resumes for their suitability / relevance against a given functional background or a given skill background that you are looking for in any resume. · Resume Rater sorts the text resumes into categories· When you click on any particular "Category" in the table, only the relevant resumes will get displayed · It saves your time ( - the scarcest resource ). · It automates ( albeit, thru collective intelligence of thousands of users), the "Rating" process. · It vastly improves the quality of rating (being unbiased / untiring / thorough ). · It enormously speeds-up the shortlisting process ( whom to call for interview ? ) · You are no more glued to your mailbox ! · It enables you to spend more time interviewing / evaluating candidates (something which no software can do ). Resume Rater highlights (in RED) the keywords found in a resume. When you click on any of these keywords, a set of relevent INTERVIEW QUESTIONS pop-up! Then you can link CONSULT WIKIPEDIA to find answers ! This feature works when you are online. · Suddenly those thousands of unsearchable text resumes lying in hundreds of files and folders on your harddisk, get Rated ( score-wise ) Organized ( Function / skill wise ) Meaningful (for which vacancy ? ) Searchable ( a matter of seconds )
· Pentium III / Equivalent Processor, 1.3 GHz or Higher · 256 MB RAM · 40 MB Free Disk Space · Microsoft Office 2003 or Higher · Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.6 or Higher Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or Higher· Screen Resolution = 1024 x 768